How PocketSeed Can Transform Your Business and the Planet

May 14, 2024

How Your Business Can Benefit From PocketSeed Impact Certificates:

Every contribution creates an impact certificate to track your journey.

Align With Consumer Values

In today's market, a business’s commitment to sustainability can significantly influence consumer choices. Companies that integrate environmentally conscious practices are often rewarded with greater customer loyalty and brand preference. PocketSeed Impact Certificates offer a clear, verifiable way to demonstrate this commitment, helping you connect deeply with your target audience.

Enhance Your Brand and Attract Talent

Our certificates not only help attract customers but also make your company a magnet for talent looking for meaningful employment. Organizations that are seen as environmentally proactive are more likely to attract and retain employees who are passionate about making a difference.

Easy Integration and Real Impact

Getting started with PocketSeed is straightforward and risk-free. Choose a product or service you’d like to turn into a supporter of environmental restoration, decide on a percentage of revenue to contribute, and we take care of the rest. We ensure that your contributions go directly to impactful climate protection projects.

Interactive and Supportive

We understand the importance of seeing the tangible impacts of your contributions. That's why PocketSeed provides you with a Public Impact Profile where your customers can follow the benefits created by your investments. This powerful tool showcases your company’s sustainability mission and provides detailed information on the projects you support. It's an excellent asset for your marketing and CSR reporting, allowing you to transparently demonstrate your commitment and results.

You impact profile contains all contributions made by your business and the details around each campaign to highlight the positive impact your products and services have.

Flexible Contributions

No business is too small or too large to start making a difference. With PocketSeed, you can start contributing with as little as $100. Our model is designed to scale with your business, providing flexibility and allowing you to increase your impact as your company grows.

Compliance and Reporting

Our services can be backed by compliance-ready environmental commodities like Verified Carbon Standard  credits, Gold Standard credits, or Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). This ensures that your environmental contributions meet rigorous standards and can be used in sustainability reporting.

Business Benefit

Using compliance-ready environmental commodities for your contributions not only meets regulatory requirements but also transforms a mandatory expense into a positive story that resonates with your stakeholders. Sharing this narrative can enhance customer engagement and loyalty, demonstrating your company’s commitment to the planet and inspiring others to participate in environmental restoration.

Special Offer:

Take a step towards sustainability that can transform your business and the planet.

For just $100 AUD, we will set you up, and you will receive $100 AUD worth of impact funds going towards your project. This initial investment not only gets you started on your sustainability journey but also ensures that your contribution is immediately put to work for the environment.

This special offer is available for a very limited time, so act now to take advantage of it and see the benefits firsthand.

Real World Case Study: Patagonia's "1% for the Planet" Initiative

Company Overview

  • Business Name: Patagonia
  • Industry: Retail (Outdoor Clothing and Gear)
  • Size: Large
  • Location: Global, headquartered in Ventura, California, USA


Patagonia has long been a leader in environmental sustainability, embedding it into their corporate ethos. They initiated "1% for the Planet" in 2002, which commits the company to contribute 1% of their total annual sales to nonprofit environmental groups.


Despite being profitable and popular, Patagonia sought to further solidify its commitment to environmental causes and distinguish itself from competitors by strengthening its brand around authentic environmental advocacy.


Patagonia pledged to donate 1% of sales—not just profits—to various environmental organizations. This initiative wasn't tied to specific products but was a broad commitment affecting every aspect of the company's revenue.


  1. Broad Outreach: The initiative covered all sales, creating a consistent funding stream for environmental groups.
  2. Transparency and Accountability: Patagonia provided annual updates about the contributions made, detailing the amounts donated and the projects funded.
  3. Marketing and Advocacy: The company leveraged this commitment in its marketing strategies, highlighting its sustainability efforts and the impacts of its donations.


  • Brand Loyalty and Trust: Patagonia's commitment reinforced consumer trust and loyalty, particularly among environmentally conscious customers.
  • Increased Sales: The company has seen steady growth in sales, partly attributed to its strong brand identity centered on genuine environmental commitment.
  • Community and Environmental Impact: By 2020, Patagonia had donated over $89 million to environmental projects globally, supporting hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations.
  • Industry Leadership: Patagonia’s initiative inspired other companies to undertake similar commitments, bolstering the overall corporate responsibility for environmental issues across industries.


Patagonia's "1% for the Planet" initiative exemplifies how integrating environmental contributions directly into a business model can yield substantial benefits, including enhanced brand loyalty, customer engagement, and a leadership position in corporate environmental advocacy. This model not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also aligns closely with the values of their customer base, creating a strong competitive advantage.

Joining PocketSeed means turning your everyday business activities into powerful tools for ecological regeneration and carbon removal. With each certificate, you're not just investing in your company's future, but in the health of our planet. Act now, harness the power of sustainability, and watch as it transforms your business and the world.

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As consumers and employees increasingly seek environmentally responsible businesses, it’s vital for companies to not only adapt but lead in sustainability. PocketSeed offers a powerful tool to do just that—Impact Certificates. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our certificates help your business make real, verified contributions to environmental restoration, all while enhancing your brand and aligning with your customers' values.

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