How PocketSeed verifies it's climate impact

June 3, 2024

Build a Robust Carbon Strategy Backed by Science

We rely on leading scientific research to build a portfolio of projects designed to minimize risk and maximize climate impact. Access a sophisticated strategy previously available only to the most experienced buyers.

Carbon Credits You Can Trust: Grounded in Science

We partner with top scientific experts to create carbon credits that you can trust.

Projects in Our Portfolio

We support a diverse range of project types from around the world. Each project passes our rigorous due diligence process and is highly regarded by independent third parties.

Effortlessly purchase an affordable, science-backed portfolio of high-integrity carbon credits.

Commitments to Our Customers

PocketSeed is easy to use because our customers trust us to provide high-impact carbon credits. While our approach will evolve over time, it is grounded in five unchanging commitments:

  1. Our Focus is Climate Impact
  2. We Ground Our Approach in Science
  3. We Seek to Minimize Risk
  4. We Embrace Transparency
  5. We Continuously Strive to Improve

We Build You a Strategy

Carbon credits are more than a commodity. Although they all represent one tonne of carbon, different categories and specific projects vary in their likelihood of delivering on their promise. Choosing projects only based on price, location, or superficial attributes won't help you achieve your climate goals or withstand regulatory scrutiny. PocketSeed delivers a strategy that systematically reduces risk and maximizes climate impact.

Credits That Drive Impact

Our carbon credits meet rigorous standards and pass thorough research and analysis, ensuring you can confidently meet regulatory requirements. Our approach not only drives significant impact through scalable projects but also signals strong market demand for emerging technologies essential to achieving climate goals.

Evolving Over Time

Our strategies adapt to reflect the latest best practices and top-performing projects.

The carbon credit market is fast-moving and ever-changing, but we stay ahead of both macro and micro-trends so you don’t have to. We track multi-stakeholder efforts like the development of core carbon principles from the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM), registry-level developments like Verra's methodology revisions, and new research on project effectiveness. On a micro level, we monitor the performance of supported projects, constantly evaluating them to ensure they meet our impact and risk mitigation standards.

Double-Check Work with Third-Party Ratings

We understand the importance of trust in the carbon credit space. That’s why we rely on independent third-party ratings agencies like BeZero and Sylvera. We only support projects that receive high ratings from these experts, ensuring you get the best quality credits available in the voluntary carbon market.

Partner with  PocketSeed to purchase high-quality carbon credits designed to maximize impact, mitigate risk, and foster innovation

Interested in making an impact?

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