About us

We believe healing the earth is everyone’s business. Here’s why:

Our Mission

PocketSeed was founded with a distinct mission: to channel more funding into leading-edge projects and technologies dedicated to combating climate change. Our goal is to empower these initiatives to scale and innovate solutions that rejuvenate our environment.

Our approach

We are committed to connecting stakeholders in a mutually beneficial ecosystem. PocketSeed creates a synergy where businesses can thrive by investing in our planet, projects on the frontline of climate change receive crucial support, and individuals engage in impactful actions seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. We believe in value-driven impact, not as a distant dream but as a practical reality. Regenerative methods that conserve and rehabilitate our planet are gaining ground globally, and forward-thinking brands are stepping up to join this movement.

What's next?

While sustainability has often been about limiting harm to our planet, consumers are eager to put their purchasing power into efforts that can actually repair and restore. In the regenerative economy, a t-shirt can become proof of healing the soil, and a bottle of mescal can directly contribute to greening the desert. PocketSeed lets consumers rehabilitate the planet, one purchase at a time, and purpose-driven brands can lead the way.

Join us

Your choices have power. Start making a difference today with PocketSeed. Whether you’re a seeking impact with every purchase or a brand looking to lead in sustainability, your journey to regenerate the planet begins now. Get involved and be part of the solution.

Together, we can turn everyday transactions into extraordinary transformations.

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