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PocketSeed enable unique opportunities to SUPERCHAGE YOUR BRAND while contributing to meaningful positive impact on our environment.

Sounds great right?
Read on below.

79% of global consumers favor companies with a commitment to environmental responsibility

Source: Bain.com

Two-thirds of consumers are ready to pay more for sustainable products

Source: Forbes

Sustainable practices are now seen as financial strategies rather than costs.

Source: Harvard Business School

Integrating CSR into business strategy is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage.

Source: Research Gate


Consumers have endless choice these days.

Integrating climate impact into your brand messaging makes your product an easy choice for customers to FEEL GOOD for choosing to shop with you over alternatives.

You’ll also feel pretty good about it too.

Create engaging impact campaigns.

Take your customers with you on your climate journey by tying the impact to your products and creating marketing that celebrating your the great work your company is doing to help create a better future.

Any product, business type or campaign.

PocketSeed provides impact as a service and the tools to help integrate it into your products.

If you’re selling computers, pouring beers, making cool threads or throwing wild parties, PocketSeed can fit your vibe.

Low risk, high IMPACT.

Start small and grow your impact over time, base it off how many products are sold each month, or create a one off campaign to test the waters, it’s completely up to you how you want to make a difference.

We can help build a low risk impact strategy that suits any type of business.

It's as easy as
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Join Pocktseed

For a once off fee of $150 AUD, you get your own business profile, access to verified impact badges and tools, plus it includes $100 of impact in the sign up fee.


Activate your impact

Activate your products by adding a % to each sale or setting a target goal to raise for climate action. “Every product sold helps restore our oceans” or “This month we are raising funds for reforestation. Shop now!”


Involve your customers

Include links, stickers or flyers to connect customers to your impact profile and show all the great work you are doing.


Watch your impact grow

Creating a meaningful impact doesn’t have to be done in a day. It takes time. Watch your impact grow and feel good about the positive change you are making.

Ready to make an impact?

It only costs $150 AUD to get started with PocketSeed which includes your first $100 impact!


As a PocketSeed partner, we give you the tools to ensure credibility and share your climate journey with your customers in the right way.

PocketSeed toolkit includes public impact profile, verified partner badges, custom campaign QR codes, live impact widgets + more.

Have STANDARDS and regulations TO MEET?

All impact can be tied with certified removal of CO2 from the atmosphere to meet any emmission standards your company has.
Learn more about how PocketSeed can help meet corporate responsibilities.

Making a Difference

PocketSeed is serious about making a real difference to our environment

We only work with projects that are creating a real difference on the future of our oceans, forests and environment.

We believe that it’s imperative to do everything we can to to repair our damaged planet before it’s too late.



PocketSeed has partnered with Canopy Blue in an effort to restore our oceans kelp forests.

Learn more about Canopy Blue >


COming soon

We are currently on the lookout for more climate action project partners.

If you are a project that is interested in working with us, please reach out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PocketSeed to meet emission standards and regulations?

Absolutely. We can staple verified CO2 offsets (carbon credits) to your contributions to ensure your impact can count towards your sustainability journey. We offer a range of options, just let us know your requirements and we will organise it.

How do you charge for contributions?

PocketSeed membership is a once off fee of $150 AUD. This gives you a business impact profile, access to badges and tools to help share your impact story and includes $100 of impact contributions included to get started.

For future contributions, just let us know what, when and where, and we will send you an invoice, whether it's once off, monthly, quarterly. It's up to you. Once paid, your contributions will be made and your impact added to your profile.

How can I share my climate journey with my customers?

Sharing your journey with your customers to grow engagement can be done in many different ways. Whether it’s from your website, telling your impact story, live widgets that display your impact and connect back to your verified PocketSeed profile, or including your impact in your products through packaging, flyers or stickers. It’s totally up to you.

Talk to the team today about what might work best for you.